Management, learning and collaboration portal for K-12 and vocational education

Client: Ministry of Education and Science (MoE)

Description of project: ( is a multifunctional working environment for students and their parents, teachers, school administration and the education system as a whole. It helps to realize the high-quality and modern educational process, improves the availability of digital learning content, allows teachers to work more interesting and easier, but the administration of educational institutions to effectively manage these processes. role and objectives

After full implementation different end users in the system will have following opportunities and e-services:

School administration:

  1. “Data follows the student” – a single data archive. When student moves to another school, the new school authority obtains access to student information history, which is stored in a single archive system.
  2. “Documents and processes electronisation” – detailed presentation of assessment results, a common reporting and storage environment. Unified scholarship management in vocational education.
  3. “Education Planning” – automated timetable creation
  4. “Online examinations” – applications for state assessment tests, electronic test distribution and evaluation, quick and easy summary of the results.
  5. “Smart teacher” – teachers’ professional development management (teacher professional development program applications and approval of the results, analysis).
  6. “Multilateral communication” – the single information flow environment, communication and communication module, various surveys and discussion forums.
  7. “My School” – an opportunity to create school web sites, getting rid of worries about the technical maintenance and costs associated with it.


  1. “Electronic learning materials” – teaching resources directory, the production tools, electronic reference. Tools for production of create electronic learning resources: exercises, training courses, including support for world’s most popular SCORM standard.
  2. “Online assessments” – the possibility to organize and enrich the learning process by electronic learning content (homework and tests).
  3. “All about me” – access to all the known information stored about a teacher or student in central registers of MoE.
  4. “My colleagues” – the opportunity to participate in forums and blogs, promote exchanges of experience, create interest groups.
  5. “When You live, You always learn” – the application for continuing education courses, incl.  e-learning courses, collection of results, maintaining professional profile. Ability to fill out and electronically send applications for approval to participate in classes, as well as the opportunity to learn using online e-learning format.


  1. “E-learning” – access to central learning aids catalog, online homeworks, quizzes, tests, etc.
  2. “My Profile” – option in your user profile to access all school information – timetable, certificates and other information.
  3. “My contacts” – option to use of communication module.
  4. “Want to learn more” – be able to apply for learning in universities and other educational institutions, job practice.
  5.  “My free time” – an opportunity to get information about the camps and hobby groups, as well as to apply for membership therein.


  1.  “Search and find”- single point, where to find information on various developments in education, to the information, collected for each individual educational institution (school self-evaluation reports, ratings, reports and statistics on trends in educational attainment, etc.).
  2.  “Is Your child prepared ?” – free access to see the child’s certificates, online assessment and national test results.
  3.  “We are partners” – the opportunity to receive reports on educational developments and updates from affiliated educational institutions. Possibility to file applications for extended-day groups, optional activities and clubs.

Education and Science:

  1.  “Process management” – an opportunity to provide involved in an educational process with access to educational programs and standards, thematic plans. Opportunity for schools to submit to the MoE their school plans and other documentation.
  2.  “Data flow” – an opportunity to gather and collect current data on student grades and absences, teaching loads and other necessary data. The possibility to analyze and improve the quality of education assessment and training planning processes.
  3.  “Growth Management” – an opportunity to improve teachers’ professional development process, collecting and analyzing information about the professional development program requests, visits and assessments.

Technology: SharePoint 2010, .NET, SQL Server 2008, C #

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