Tools and Opportunities for Distance Learning in Schools

At a time when educators need to provide distance learning for students, it has been observed that they have a marked lack of knowledge:

  • How to organize work with software tools available at school;
  • How to organize remote lessons;
  • How to build communication and feedback with students;
  • How to give advice if children fail to do the task.

Even if schools have access to free tools such as Office 365 ans Microsoft Teams, they are not used and often no other alternatives are found.

Often each teacher experiments with a variety of tools at their own discretion, so students do not develop a simple, unified and understandable learning process in unusual circumstances.

During the emergency situation, Datorzinību centrs has already trained more than 200 educators on the use of Microsoft Teams Education for schools, providing an opportunity to understand and learn how to organize distance learning in practice. Given the high demand for such teacher training and the fact that many schools have not yet been able to support their teachers with such training, Datorzinību centrs offers:

Microsoft Teams training for educators, including these topics:


  • Microsoft Teams environment features, characteristics and basics;;
  • How class groups are made;
  • Learning environment in lesson work;
  • The use of Task section;
  • Conducting distance learning;
  • Possibilities of creating a feedback.

Date and time:

Price for a group:



On request,
4 academic hors
320 € + VAT
(no more than 75 participants)
See here Online Microsoft Teams


Required equipment: The participant’s computer or smart device must be equipped with headphones, speakers or built-in speakers, the presence of a microphone is desirable but not mandatory.
All participants who take the test will receive a certificate of participation in lesson.

Benefits: After the training, teachers will have the necessary skills to organize distance learning, create online lessons, share presentations and other teaching aids, communicate interactively with students both in groups and individually, providing support in learning the subject.

Office 365 implementation service at school


Many schools have not yet had a practical Office 365 and Teams environment for teaching. That’s why we offer schools the services of our specialists in registering for free Office 365 A1 plan and implementing Microsoft Teams, so that schools get the necessary technical capabilities to provide distance learning process.

Service includes:

Office 365 registration
Domain affiliation, if one exists for the school
Creating user accounts for teachers and students
Creating Teams groups for classes
Instruction for the schools IT administrator


Service price: 240 € + VAT

Benefits: The school will acquire a sustainable and free IT infrastructure for organizing a high-quality distance learning process and the skills to maintain and use it independently

Sign up contact information:
LTD Datorzinību centrs, e-mail , phone 26475979