We offer various IT services to fulfill the needs of companies and organizations and ensure a stable, safe and effective use of information technologies in the everyday business activities.

Our software development specialists will design, develop and implement solutions that are most appropriate for a specific company. Our designed systems are intended for a separate use as well as for application in an integrated environment of other information systems of the client by ensuring data reading and data import of the existing systems.

We also serve our clients in the field of information system security. We have successfully implemented information system security checks, developed, implemented and supervised safety procedures, measures for planning continuity of processes and information system governance activities.

Besides the traditional computer training classes, our competent Learning Centre specialists are engaged also in preparing different e-learning courses. We offer pre-packaged e-learning courses (computer classes, for example) or development of targeted study courses in cooperation with your specialists (for mastering of company’s internal procedures and specific information system operation skills).

We are also offering wide choice of computer hardware and software in close cooperation with our partners – computers, servers and software from the leading vendors.