Project Management Solutions

Any business in its operations are faced with situations where one task must involve a number of workers to organize project work and interaction, as well as to control the execution of the work until the objectives are achieved. In such cases, the job is getting easier to be done by using a variety of computer-based solutions. However, most of them are cumbersome, expensive and full of complex and not always providing all necessary functions, although for small projects a simple and intuitive solution would suit the best . We’ve created a project management solution that provides a unified environment for enterprise project registration, information publication, organization of work tasks and performance monitoring. The solution is quick and simple to implement, providing project management functionality, as well as easily adaptable to each organization’s specific processes and requirements.

 Solution Functionality:

  • Foreseeable and intuitive project status indicators.
  • Project task management.
  • Work performance control in various data sections.
  • Project document storage with the opportunity to work together on document preparation.
  • Module for project problem registration, solving and control.
  • Various project tools for knowledge base and supplementation.
  • Access according to users roles.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office software.

The proposed solution operates on Office 365 environment and the local company’s servers, where some of SharePoint 2013 versions are installed. It perfectly integrates with the company’s Windows users’ data base and can establish cooperation with enterprise’s other business systems.

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