E-learning Content Development

We have acquired considerable experience in development of e-learning courses since 2001. It is possible to facilitate mastering of different study content by means of e-learning. Such courses can be intended for improvement of general level of education, such as, learning languages or practicing computer skills. E-learning can be used in institutions and companies to study the internal procedures and business processes as well as the application of the company’s information system.

E-learning environment provides an opportunity to create interesting and exciting materials by applying various means:

•             Multimedia – introducing the study material by multimedia methods of presenting, using text, graphics, animation, audio and video objects;

•             Hyperlinks – fast access to the latest information and documents in Intranet or Internet;

•             Interactivity – active involvement of students in the process of learning, options of choosing the study theme and sequence, self-testing, revising of the study material;

•             Communication – contacting the lecturer or study supervisor by using e-mail, discussions/forum and the message board;

•             Automated knowledge testing – self-testing during the process of learning or evaluating the level of knowledge before (or after) learning.

A registered user may operate in the e-learning environment from any computer that has the Internet access as only a Web browser is required for working with the e-learning courses.

Comparing to the traditional training that requires considerable organisational work by coordinating the time and place acceptable for the students and the lecturers, introduction of e-learning in a company has many advantages:

•             You can learn at any time;

•             You can learn at any place (there are no travel and rent expenses);

•             You can learn at your own speed;

•             All students receive the same study material;

•             The study programme allows dynamic changes and updates;

•             The study programme can be used as a material for reference;

•             It is possible to control the activities of the students;

•             It is possible to carry out automated testing.