By investing in technology, companies get the opportunity to increase work productivity, compensating for the lack of workforce with the help of technology or allowing employees to perform more important duties for the business. Studies show that office workers tend to spend up to 40% of their working time on processing information, finding it, transferring it to colleagues and similar activities, therefore it is important to digitize company processes. We provide solutions that help businesses work smarter, not harder.

Reduce costs spent on inefficient operations Reduce the time spent on the execution of work processes Reduce the number of uncompleted tasks

We have a lot of experience in the implementation of various IT solutions in the segment of large, small and medium enterprises in Latvia and the Baltic States. Our experienced development team will help digitize and automate a wide variety of business processes, and increase the technological knowledge of your company’s employees. 

Document Management System – intended for registration, management and process automation of accounting documents of any company or organization. The system ensures finding documents in a few seconds, accelerates the document preparation process, automated processing and security of business information. 

Invoice Processing System – significantly facilitates the invoice processing process in the company, starting from automatic recognition and registration of invoices, their coordination according to company procedures, up to integration with your accounting system, so that invoice data does not have to be registered multiple times. 

Project Management Solution – provides convenient and easy project management in the company by automatically generating a project website to collect project plans, deadlines, documentation and follow up on tasks. In this way, the capabilities of the company’s management to monitor and control the implementation of all the company’s projects, save and maintain the historical data of completed projects are improved. 

Intranet – it is an opportunity to create a unified digital work environment for the company’s employees for more convenient information circulation, to promote the exchange of ideas and employee cooperation. It serves as a single point of access to various information systems and provides a self-service function, facilitating the work of the management team.  

Microsoft 365 Solutions – powerful tools that enable companies to cost-effectively increase their productivity and get business technologies such as email, Teams, Microsoft Office applications, OneDrive, SharePoint, Forms and others to help them work more efficiently by improving the flow of information and documents, as also enables the automation of business processes.  

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