Document and record management system on Office 365 Business solutions

Our document management system enables companies to maintain single workspace for document creation, registration, processing and storage in compliance with internal regulations and state regulations.

Our solution can be quickly and easily implemented at any business and public sector entity, supports major common document management functions and can be easily adjusted to fit the specific business requirements of particular organisation.

System is designed to be deployed on Office 365 platform, but can also be set up as on-premise application on a local company server. It is easily accessible from any location with an internet connection.

Project Management Portal Business solutions

Nowadays it is no longer rare occasion when specialists from several companies have to work together in order to implement a joint project. This situation raises such issues as how to organize internal communication, how to respect common work principles, how to ensure standard compliance. (Read more)

Enterprise Intranet Systems Business solutions

Expedient dissemination of internal enterprise information has always been a pressing need. It is especially important when enterprise is distributed among separate buildings in different districts of the city or even in different cities. (Read more)

Document Management System on Office 365 Business solutions

Application includes following functionality and is deployed on SharePoint Online platform.

Document management
Document management system (DMS) allows to register, manage and process documents using automated workflows and continuous control mechanisms. (Read more)

Support and development of applications for forest management Business solutions

The client: JSC “Latvijas valsts mezi”

Project’s description:
Support and development of applications for forest management – MEDUS (Latvian abbreviation stands for “Forest Data Accounting System”), CAUNA (Woodcutter Evaluation System), CirLig (Woodcutter Contract System), CirLigOPA(Prompt Roundwood  Supply System), MEDNIS (Forest Management Planning and Accounting System), MPR (Register of Irregularities and Violations in Forest).

Technology: Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio .NET 2005.