ECDL Exams

European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is the world’s largest certification program of computer skills valid in over 148 countries. The main aim of the European Computer Driving Licence program is to improve the level of education in information technologies, to increase the computer literacy in using personal computers and to promote the using of applications in Europe and the rest of the world.

ECDL license owner in Latvia is the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA).

At the moment you can apply for ECDL tests in such programs:

•             ECDL Basic (7 modules);

•             ECDL Start (4 modules);

•             ECDL Advanced;

•             E-Citizen.

The main aim of the ECDL program is to identify the areas of expertise, elements of knowledge and sets of skills covered by ECDL standard and to outline the general level of skills and competences required to obtain the ECDL standard.

ECDL standard defines the user’s ability to recognize certain general concepts of information technologies and the basic knowledge and skills in using a personal computer and its software in performing everyday tasks.

ECDL Start certificate confirms conformity of the user’s digital skills to the requirements of the modern society in terms of everyday, work, communication and social life activities. ECDL Start certificate comprises three compulsory ECDL modules: M2 (using of computer and file management), M3 (text processing), M7 (information and communication) and one model selected by the applicant.

ECDL Advanced is the highest level program designed for people who have already successfully mastered ECDL skills and are interested in further refinement of computer skills.

ECDL Advanced comprises the following modules:

•             Advanced Word Processing

•             Advanced Spreadsheets

•             Advanced Database

•             Advanced Presentation

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